Ben Tsai

I Got My First Mac

#0 Kinopio → Datasette I have this idea to pull my data out of Kinopio and import it into Datasette. It seems very much in line with what the Datasette is designed for—make it easy to browse data. I took up Simon Willison’s office hours offer a few weeks ago, and he seemed keen on the idea.

#1 I found Oliver Andrich’s blog via Simon Willison. I like how he uses the pound number to begin each paragraph. I’ve stolen it.

#2 I ranted a few days ago about how git is inscrutable and I’m sad hg lost. A better interface for Git:

#3 I got my first Mac recently. I only started using macOS full time when I started at Cisco 5 years ago. Despite being a relative newcomer to the platform, I’ve somehow developed some habits/opinions about using my machine. Here are a few things I found myself configuring before my computer felt usable:

Tuesday, February 23, 2021